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Characteristics of cannabidiol and CBD oil

Cannabidiol or CBD is a natural extract extracted from the fibrous hemp (cannabis sativa) plant using a special technology. CBD is classified as a bioactive compound in hemp called cannabinoids. Today, of the more than several hundred cannabinoids found in hemp, CBD is the most widely used in medical and wellness applications.

CBD is most commonly consumed in the form of oil, which is made by mixing CBD extract with a carrier oil (usually hemp seed oil). CBD can also be used in a thicker paste-resin form, which is made by mixing CBD extract with a mixture of wax/beeswax and oil or butter. CBD oil is also used in products such as CBD capsules, tinctures, CBD e-liquids for electronic cigarettes, CBD gummies, etc. in production.

High-quality CBD oil can also contain other health-promoting cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and more, which are found in hemp seed oil.

CBD does not have a psychoactive, intoxicating effect, so it is completely legal in Lithuania. However, only those CBD oils or other CBD products that contain no more than 0.02 percent are allowed to be sold on the Lithuanian market. of the intoxicating tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). You can learn more about the differences between CBD and THC here.

CBD oil usage and dosage

The use and dosage of CBD is not strictly defined and mostly depends on the individual needs of the person. The average daily dose of CBD is usually 5-50 mg, but much higher doses of CBD can be used for therapeutic purposes.

CBD oil comes in different concentrations, usually containing between 5 and 30 percent CBD.

5 percent CBD oil helps to relax and sleep better. Usually recommended for beginners with no health complaints.

10 percent CBD oil improves sleep quality, balances emotional well-being. It is also suitable for those who do not have serious health complaints, but who want to strengthen their health in a comprehensive way. It is recommended to use this oil 4-6 drops per day.

15 percent CBD oil is perfect for professional athletes, people experiencing physical, psychological or emotional fatigue. Recommended for night, shift or high-stress work. It is recommended to use this oil 4-6 drops per day.

30 percent CBD oil helps fight problems like chronic stress, insomnia, pain, depressed mood, anxiety attacks, and more. It is recommended to use this oil 4-6 drops per day.

The oil is usually used in two ways, by dropping it under the tongue and holding it for about 30 seconds, or by applying it to a selected area of ​​the skin and rubbing it in until it is absorbed. The second method is perfect for relieving local pain or inflammation.

CBD oil price

The price of CBD oil mostly depends on the concentration of cannabidiol and the quality of the product. Ultra-pure CBD drops made from organic fiber hemp may cost more, but their effectiveness and benefits are incomparably greater than CBD oils that are not produced to the highest quality standards and are non-organic.

Regarding the price, it is best to buy CBD oil in reliable online stores, after evaluating the manufacturing and certification features of different products.

Save time and visit our CBD-OIL.lt store, where you will find the highest quality natural CBD oils at probably the best price on the market.


Uses of CBD oil

  • Usage

    CBD oil is used as a food supplement that has a positive effect on the whole body. This is because CBD binds to the body’s endocannabinoid system and stimulates or regulates its natural mechanisms.

    Here are some of the areas that CBD oil has a positive effect on:

  • CBD oil for sleep

    CBD oil helps to regulate the circadian rhythm, thus facilitating the process of falling asleep and allowing you to fall into a deeper sleep, get a better night’s sleep. CBD oil improves the quality of sleep and relieves pain due to the fact that it calms the nervous system. It is an excellent preparation for the treatment of sleep disorders, including insomnia.

  • For emotional well-being

    Studies show that CBD regulates the response of receptors in the brain to serotonin, thereby providing antidepressant and anti-anxiety effects. CBD oil is thought to help reduce symptoms of depression, mood and anxiety disorders, especially those associated with chronic stress, post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD).

  • For memory and concentration

    It has been found that CBD oil can improve various cognitive functions (memory, concentration, learning abilities, etc.) in people facing cognitive impairment due to old age or neurodegenerative diseases. Although CBD will not increase innate memory, concentration or learning abilities in a healthy person, using CBD oil can make it easier to focus, concentrate, and remember new information.

  • CBD oil for animals

    CBD oil is not only good for humans – it also has a positive effect on our pets, especially dogs and cats. CBD oil for animals is believed to have sedative, relaxing, anxiety- and pain-relieving, anticonvulsant potential. effect. In addition, CBD oil does not cause toxic effects (unlike chemical drugs), and when used according to recommendations, the possibility of overdose is avoided. However, be sure to consult your veterinarian before giving CBD oil to your pet.

  • Oil for strengthening immunity and protection against diseases

    CBD oil has anti-inflammatory, muscle and nervous system relaxing and neuron-protecting effects, so it can be useful in cases of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s syndrome, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, diabetes. In addition, recently, there is a growing body of research suggesting that CBD can potentially slow down or stop the growth and reproduction of cancer cells.

    Also, CBD helps to regulate the functions of immune cells, promotes a better immune response. As a result, CBD oil can potentially be used to reduce the risk of various diseases (including viral infections), alleviate their symptoms, or restore the body faster after diseases.

  • CBD oil for pain relief

    Scientists say that CBD oil is one of the most effective herbal natural preparations for pain relief. This is due to the fact that CBD regulates the opioid receptors responsible for pain relief. CBD can also reduce pain by mimicking the effects of endorphins, while not interfering with the release of natural endorphins.

    It is believed that CBD oil can be effective in suppressing chronic pain caused by diseases such as arthritis or multiple sclerosis. It can also relieve muscle, joint, and tendon pain caused by physical injuries or intense physical exertion. Read more about the benefits of CBD in the fight against pain here -CBD in the fight against pain

CBD oil

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