CBD oil drops RAW (10%) – BIOMEDICANNA

CBD oil drops RAW (10%) – BIOMEDICANNA



Your journey to a strong immune system and a life full of health begins here and now.

Biomedicanna CBD oil drops RAW (10%) are a medium-strength product that will allow you to forget about minor health problems and help you sleep better.



Biomedicanna CBD oil drops RAW (10%) are made from naturally grown certified cannabis Sativa L. All cannabis is organic, supervised by experienced growers and supplied from European farms offering the highest quality product.

Using just two ingredients – cold pressed olive oil and hemp extract – we created powerful drops with a 1000 mg CBD bottle. CBD oil drops RAW are thoroughly blended and tested to ensure safe and comfortable use. We guarantee that this product does not contain any additives or fragrances. Most importantly, it is unrefined.

Biomedicanna CBD oil drops RAW (10%) are medium strength drops, making them great for people who are already familiar with CBD and want to experience the strongest power of cannabis. Consistent and correct use contributes a lot to a strong immune system and general well-being – these drops are our latest product and a favorite of people who have minor health problems but want to live a full life.



  1. Tikime gamta. Mes pasitikime gamta. Mes tikime, kad naudojant natūralius ekstraktus ir papildus iš gamtos galima išlaikyti pusiausvyrą jūsų kasdieniniame gyvenime, pagerinant jo kokybę.
  2. Kasdienis augalas. Kai kurie žmonės tiki , jog šis augalas yra gana naujas ir išrastas mokslininkų. Tačiau kalbant apie rašytinius šaltinius ir senas istorijas, mes žinome, jog šį augalą mūsų protėviai dešimtmečius įprastai naudojo savo kasdienybėje.
  3. Pageidaujamas poveikis. Tačiau dabar turėdami daugiau technologijų ir gamtos derinių, galime pasiūlyti produktą, esantį arčiausiai gamtos suteikdami klientams labiausiai pageidaujamą poveikį.
  4. Mūsų misija. Mūsų kompanijos kelionės pradžioje nusprendėme, kad norime savo klientams pasiūlyti arčiausiai gamtos esančius ,,Premium“ produktus, kurie būtų prieinami visiems ir būtų įtraukti kasdienį naudojimą. Mes atradome tinkamus sprendimus už prieinamą kainą, kuri privers jus šypsotis. Turėdami tokį požiūrį, mes sekame kiekvieną šios kelionės dalį – nuo mažų sėklų iki kiekvieno gryniausio ekstrakto lašo. Su užsidegimu žiūrime į gamtos gėrybes ir norime padėti kuo daugiau žmonių rasti gyvenime pusiausvyrą.
  1. We believe in nature. We trust nature. We believe that using natural extracts and supplements from nature can maintain balance in your daily life by improving its quality.
  2. Everyday plant. Some people believe that this plant is relatively new and invented by scientists. But when it comes to written sources and ancient stories, we know that this plant was commonly used by our ancestors for decades in their daily lives.
  3. Desired effect. But now with more combinations of technology and nature, we can offer the product closest to nature giving customers the most desired impact.
  4. Our mission. At the beginning of our company's journey, we decided that we wanted to offer our customers the closest Premium products to nature, which would be accessible to everyone and would include everyday use. We have found the right solutions at an affordable price that will make you smile. With this approach, we follow every part of this journey, from the small seeds to each drop of the purest extract. We are passionate about the goods of nature and want to help as many people as possible find a balance in life.
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Usage: CBD oil drops RAW (10%) are designed for oral use. Shake before use. Fill the pipette with oil. Drip 1-4 drops 1-3 times a day under the tongue, hold for about 10-20 seconds and swallow. Start with lower doses than indicated and increase the amount gradually. Do not exceed 200 mg CBD per day. Once opened, store in a refrigerator. Keep away from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.

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