CBD Oil for Pets

CBD Oil for pets – dogs and cats

CBD is a great tool to help pets that are sensitive to environmental stimuli e.g. sounds, new environments, new people or animals.

CBD oil can help animals relax in stressful situations where the animal is experiencing unwanted stress.
These products also strengthen the immune system and help maintain good health and fitness.

CBD Health benefits for animals

CBD is also used for arthritis, inflammation and pain relief.

The oil can be added to the animal’s food or given orally.

All mammals, except humans produce endocannabinoids like CBD which work perfectly with our own cannabinoid system (CB1 & CB2). These receptors are found throughout our body; in our brain, organs, connective tissues etc. The functions of these receptors related to homeostasis – balance/equilibrium/stability i.e. sleep, appetite, moods etc., as well as other important needs such as reproduction and fertility.

Cannabis has been used medicinally for centuries across many cultures because of its efficacy at treating various conditions. However it became banned in most countries because people abused it; they took the medical benefits for recreational purposes.

The result of this is that people, including many doctors, still think cannabis has no medicinal value and is dangerous even though evidence says otherwise.

CBD doesn’t make pets ‘high’

CBD oil can contain a small amount of THC (less than 0.2%) which can make a person high if overdosed but does nothing to an animal because they don’t have CB1 receptors in their brains however if you put too much THC into the body there are effects e.g. getting “high”. Also CBD oils generally come from hemp which only contains 0.2%THC so it doesn’t have any effect on animals – especially pets who already produce endocannabinoids like CBD naturally like cats and dogs.

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