CBD Oil Products

5% CBD – for beginners who do not yet know what effect they like. Perfect for those who find it difficult to relax and rest properly, to fall asleep.

10% CBD is the golden mean. It is also particularly convenient to use as these are CBD capsules that are much easier to count than drops. Good for improving sleep quality, treating emotional exhaustion.

15% CBD is an ideal choice for professional athletes or people who are otherwise very physically and emotionally tired: those who do physical work, have little sleep, experience a lot of constant stress, and are especially active.

30% of the CBD is for those who know what they want. It is a highly effective, high-concentration oil designed to combat chronic pain, depression, anxiety attacks, trauma.

CBD Oil with THC

It is currently forbidden to use or trade in such products in Lithuania, therefore we do not offer such a choice.

CBD Extract is used in various ways

Capsules – taken by mouth (swallowed)
The effect is felt after about 2 hours
Extract (CBD Oil) – drip into the mouth under the tongue
The effect is felt after about 30 minutes
CBD Oil – rubbed into the skin at a selected location
The effect is felt after about 60 minutes

CBD Oil Price

CBD The price of oil depends largely on the% of CBD in the oil. Also from product quality, manufacturing specifications, shipping, etc. Buy the best online because you can compare prices and evaluate different options. We recommend buying CBD from us because we offer extremely high quality, natural products at probably the best price on the market. The price of CBD oil with us is just from 28.00 eur.

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