Hemp products for SALE

The “CBD-OIL” online store offers you to purchase high-quality CBD products cheaper than anywhere else on the Lithuanian or European market. We sell not only the products of our partners cheaper, but we also have our own product line “CBD-OIL”, so we can ensure not only excellent quality, but also large promotions for products of various categories.

We have been selling hemp products for many years, so we had time to try all our products personally and we can advise and advise you on which product is the best to choose in your particular case.

CBD products – Expensive?

Hemp oil with CBD is more expensive and its price increases depending on the concentration of CBD in the oil. However, the price of the products we sell corresponds to the high quality. Also, you need to use less of a quality product, so it lasts for a long time and considering how much it costs to use CBD every day, the price doesn’t seem so scary anymore. Usually a bottle of CBD oil (10ml) containing 200 drops is enough for about 6 weeks.

Low price = Poor quality?

Not necessarily. We sell only products developed by manufacturers with a high reputation and meeting the standards of the European Health Organization. All our products are certified, each batch is tested in independent laboratories, so we ensure safe production.

By maintaining close relations with our partners, we can offer you the best prices on the market. Also, by creating our CBD-OIL product line, we can afford to bring the products to market with the biggest promotions. So in our online store you will find the best hemp products with CBD at the lowest price.