Hemp Flower and Leaf Tea 100g Natural Line



✔ 100% organic hemp

✔ Contains 2-3% CBD content

✔ Removed by hand

✔ Grown in Lithuania

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Hemp Flower and Leaf Tea

Natural Line dried hemp flowers and leaves containing up to 2-3% CBD and other cannabinoids.

Hemp tea has a rather long and interesting history of consumption extending beyond the times of our modern lives. It is believed that the first traditions of making hemp tea were born in India and Jamaica, where the special properties of the hemp plant have been known for some time.

For some time now, cannabis products have been widely debated for their therapeutic effects and potential positive effects in acute chronic diseases. The effect of tea is revealed slowly because the active substances in cannabis are absorbed through the digestive system. People say that it is a mild but long-lasting effect that can last about 4-8 hours. This time may vary slightly depending on the quality of the cannabis, the method of preparation and the individual characteristics of the body.


Hemp tea has an incredible taste! You only need a small amount of leaves to make one cup. You can taste it with sugar, but true gourmets will appreciate it without sugar! The rich aroma of this tea gives life energy and awakens inner strength and self-confidence.

Tea has no intoxicating effect. It does not contain psychoactive substances.


Natural Line

Natural Line is dedicated to providing high-quality CBD products made from the best natural ingredients. Our mission is to help people improve their overall wellbeing by harnessing the power of nature. We carefully select our hemp plants and utilize advanced extraction methods to ensure the highest level of purity and potency in our products. Choose Natural Line for a balanced and healthy life.


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