7 CBD Facts That Nobody Told You About .

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Lately, CBD or cannabidiol oil has become quite famous in the fitness industry. People are adding CBD to their juices, drinks, and lattes. CBD usage is also rising in the beauty industry, and you can find many such products in the market containing CBD or hemp oils. Even spas offer CBD facials and massages nowadays.

Although the demand for CBD is constantly growing, there is still some confusion about what exact amounts of CBD can be deemed safe for human consumption.  

This article will provide you with seven unknown facts about CBD that you must know.

 7 Unknown Facts About CBD

1.    CBD can not make you high

CBD is a famous cannabinoid obtained from the Cannabis Sativa plant. It involves little or no amount of THC.

THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is another famous cannabinoid that you can use for its psychoactive abilities. However, THC is different from CBD, and it is THC that can get you high.

Different varieties of cannabis plants contain different quantities of CBD and THC. The hemp plant is a non-intoxicating type of Cannabis Sativa and has less than 0.3% THC (as specified by the 2018 farm bill).

2.    CBD is beneficial for women

CBD can help to treat various conditions in women as described below:

For hormonal imbalance: CBD helps to regulate hormonal imbalance in women. A current report has shown that  CBD can regulate cortisol secretion  (a stress-activating hormone). Hemp-based CBD products are also a good source of  gamma-linoleic acid and others that help to maintain hormonal balance in women, having a positive impact on their health.

For beauty: CBD has become much famous in the beauty industry. Serums, lotions, facial creams, etc., involve CBD in their compositions. According to scientific research, effective CBD hemp cream can help to strengthen hair follicles, reduce dark spots and blemishes and make the skin look healthier and glowing. They can also help in reducing acne and inflammation.

Menopause: CBD is effective for menopause symptoms. These symptoms include insomnia, mood swings, and bone density loss.

For sex: People use CBD oil, sprays, and lubricants to enhance sexual activity and pleasure. It helps libido, sets the mood, eases performance, and more.

For Premenstrual Syndrome: Various studies have suggested that CBD can manage PMS symptoms. It can stabilize mood, regulate mental health and soothe bloating and cramps. It can also reduce stress during the menstrual cycle.

3.    There are 3 different types of CBD oil

If you have recently made it into the CBD industry, you may assume all CBD oils are the same. However, this is not the case. CBD oil products are classified into three categories as defined below,

Full Spectrum – This is the most easily accessible form of CBD oil. In the case of full spectrum CBD oil, it contains several other cannabinoids. These include CBDA, CBG, CBA, and a small amount of THC. However, the amount of THC is always less than 0.3%. Full-spectrum treats sleeplessness, chronic pain and induces peace and calming effects.

Broad Spectrum – Full spectrum and broad-spectrum are pretty similar. However, if you want a product containing THC, then you can go with the above type. Broad-spectrum does not have any amount of THC.

CBD Isolate – It is the pure form of CBD and does not contain any other cannabinoids or terpenes. Even a small dose of CBD isolate can be quite effective.

4.    Pets and children can al


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You can share the magical benefits of CBD with your furry pals. Several CBD-containing pet foods are available in the market. It can treat various conditions in animals like chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, appetite issues, and arthritis. However, there is still less evidence at hand which supports the use of CBD for pets.

You can also use CBD for your children. According to new research, CBD can help with ADHD treatment, managing hyperactive children, and improving their focus.

5.    CBD can be used to treat cancer patients.

Several studies have shown that CBD can be an effective treatment for cancer patients. Cancer is a condition that involves abnormal cell growth and the destruction of tissues. 

According to scientific studies, CBD can help to hinder the growth of tumors and cancer-causing cells. It helps in reducing symptoms and destroys cancer cells. However, more research is needed to understand the benefit of CBD for cancer fully.

6.    CBD Dosage

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There is no exact dosage of CBD to consume for a particular ailment. Moreover, people give different behavioral responses for the same dose.

The dosage of CBD can vary based on different elements. These are,

  • Bodyweight
  • Reason for use
  • Concentration of the product

However, note that you do not consume CBD with high-fat meals. It is because high-fat meals can boost the CBD blood levels by 3-5 times.

7.    CBD was first extracted in 1940

CBD-based products have become quite popular recently. But Roger Adams, a Harvard University graduate, discovered CBD back in 1940. However, Ralph Mechoulum recognized the chemical structure.

In 1946, a study found that CBD does not contain any intoxicating effects. However, it took us until 1980 to confirm the usage of CBD as an antiepileptic drug.

CBD for Covid-19 Treatment

Recently, a few small studies performed by the Dental College of Georgia and the Medical College of Georgia (MCG) have suggested that CBD can help in Covid-19 treatment. It can improve the levels of a natural peptide called apelin, reduce inflammation and boost oxygen levels. However, more studies are required to understand the potential use of CBD in Covid-19 treatment.

Wrapping it up

CBD can provide various magical benefits and can treat several disorders. You can use CBD for anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, cancer, seizures, and many more.

CBD has also made its way into the beauty industry and can help to maintain healthy and glowing skin. The demand for CBD is growing day by day. Therefore, it has become essential to conduct more studies on CBD and examine its benefits further.

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