How To Remedy Allergies At Home

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You might be wondering why you suddenly have rashes on your skin or have a cold on a sunny
day. It could be an allergy. Anybody could be affected by allergies, and people will experience
different effects. Some could have severe results, while others are mild and tolerable. A deeper
understanding of allergies and their best treatments is necessary so that you can deal with them
if they occur.
This article will give you an insight into what allergies are, their causes, and the best remedies
available right in your home. Read on.

What is an Allergy?

alergies, alergija, alergy

An allergy is your immune system’s reaction to an allergen, or what triggers your system’s
sensitivity. Allergies can range from mild to severe. Your body’s reaction to the allergen will
depend on how much your system is triggered. There are allergic reactions that are tolerable
and can go away quickly. However, some allergies are severe and can be life-threatening.
There are different types of allergies, and you may not know you have one. Let us learn about
the most common types of allergies that people suffer from.

The 5 Most Common Allergies
Understanding the different types of allergies and what causes them will give you an idea of
what you should avoid. A basic understanding of allergens can help you better manage your
allergies. Here are the five most common allergies:

Food allergy

This is common among people who have sensitivities to certain types of foods. Allergic
reactions typically occur from ingestion or even from direct contact. If you know that you are
allergic to a certain food type, then you must read food labels when shopping. The common
foods that cause allergies are:
● Nuts
● Eggs
● Fish
● Soy
● Wheat

Pollen Allergy
This occurs when you are sensitive to pollen from grass, trees, or weeds. This allergy usually
occurs during pollination seasons. It can affect the throat, nose, or airways, causing sneezing,
an itchy throat, coughing, or itchy eyes.

Mold Allergy
This allergy comes from breathing in mold spores. Its most common symptom is asthma. This is
why it needs to be detected, treated, and controlled. It is common during humid conditions since
molds grow rapidly during these times.

Dust Mite Allergy
Dust mites are commonly found in your mattresses and bedding. Though they are harmless,
some people develop allergic reactions to them. It may cause sneezing, coughing, and even
breathing problems. Keeping your bedding and mattresses clean is a way to prevent this type of

Pet Allergy
This is a common allergy that many people are not aware of. Cats and dogs usually cause pet
allergies. It is because of their fur or saliva. You may experience rashes, sneezing, or colds. If
you have this type of allergy, it is best to avoid pets.
These are just five of the allergies that people may experience. But did you know that there are
home remedies that you can use for your allergies? Yes, home remedies can help you manage
your allergies, and they might just be around inside your home.

Home Remedy for Allergies
People would normally turn to medications when dealing with allergies. Medicines can either
work or not, and the unpleasant part of it is that they could cause side effects. To avoid these
troubles, you can try these home remedies for allergies.

1. CBD

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The use of CBD may not directly treat your allergies, but it can help reduce the symptoms caused by them. Keep in mind that allergy symptoms may disrupt your daily routines. You may experience sleep loss, irritability, and discomfort. By taking advantage of the potential benefits of CBD for allergies, you can prevent the allergy symptoms from affecting your day.

CBD has anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive properties that can help alleviate common allergy symptoms. The best CBD product to take for your allergies is CBD oil. This can be taken sublingually. However, there are different types of CBD products so you can consult your physician for the best dose or product to take for your allergy.

2. Air Filters

Most allergens are airborne, and you wouldn’t know they were there until you experienced allergy symptoms. It is best to clean up the air in your home. Air purifiers and vacuums with HEPA filters help remove tiny particles in the air that may cause allergies.

3. Cleanse Your Nose

Pollen can stick to your mucous membranes. To get rid of these, you should cleanse your nose regularly, especially if you are aware that you have allergies. You can use nasal oils, a neti pot, or a sinus saline rinse. If you are using nasal medications, you should cleanse your nose before taking them. You wouldn’t want to rinse the medications away.

4. Honey

Little did you know that the bottle of honey in your kitchen could help you deal with your allergy. Honey has long been known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It alleviates allergy symptoms such as coughing and throat itchiness.

5. Essential Oils

Essential oils help deal with your allergies. You can add this to your bath, or your favorite drink, or use it as a massage oil. Many essential oils help relieve inflammation and boost the immune system. They also help get rid of infections, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms. The best essential oils for allergies are peppermint, eucalyptus, frankincense, basil, and tea tree.

Key Takeaways

Allergies are not something you can ignore. It can affect your day, especially when its symptoms are severe. Though there are prescribed medications for it, it is still better to go with natural solutions. So, what benefits can you get if you resort to natural home remedies for allergies? These are:

  • They are often available in your home
  • cheaper than prescribed medications
  • There are no side effects.
  • safe and all-natural

Understanding and being aware of allergens, allergy types, and allergic symptoms will help you become more conscious of what you eat, drink, and surround yourself with. However, it is also important to be aware of the most natural allergy relief options available to you.

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